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*One plan combines all our automation services into one payment of $49.99* month. This way your monthly fee won’t go up as you add new devices and new features.

EVERYTHING’S INCLUDED – Automatic commands, text notifications, annual device upgrades, and live team support.


The One plan Upgrade Program gives you an easier way to get a new device every year. After 12 payments, you can get a new device and start a new One plan Upgrade Program. No more waiting for your contract to end. Just trade in your current device for a new one, and your new program begins. Call 877.877.9788 for full details.

Live Team Support

Imagine being able to talk to a real person when you have a question.
So go ahead, start enjoying your new life style, knowing answers to all your questions are only a call or an email away.

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Monday – Saturday
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*One plan Wireless Service is required, minimum 3-year agreement, $49.99 month ($1,799.64 over 36 months. Activation fee $45 added to 1st bill. Home ownership and satisfactory credit history required. Taxes and local permit fees may be required. This offer is for a limited time. Wi-Fi required for some services.