Tips & Tricks for Putting Together a DIY Home Automation System

We’ve reached a point in home automation where it’s now possible for homeowners to install DIY systems with as little effort as it takes to set up a wireless router or smartphone. That’s good. The simplicity of DIY home automation is such that the technology is being adopted by more and more people every day.

Why install home automation in your house? Consider the many benefits:

  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Better use of lighting
  • Remote-control of window shades and appliances
  • Remote access to video surveillance cameras
  • More convenient use of home theater and audio
  • Greater security with additional security

Uxari wants you to know that you can set up your own system with a little bit of research and a weekend of your time. Below you’ll find a list of tips and tricks for putting together a DIY home automation system on a budget. You can find everything you need on our website.

Planning Your Installation

It has been said that failing to plan is planning to fail. So before you do anything else, sit down and make some plans. Assess what you consider to be both your needs and wants, addressing the needs first. The following questions might help:

  • Do I want to better control my thermostat?
  • How do I use interior and exterior lighting?
  • Will I want to add security features?
  • Is landscaping something I’m concerned about?

The beauty of DIY home automation is that you can control it from anywhere in the world with a mobile device. So an important part of your planning is to consider what kinds of elements you might want to control remotely. This can be everything from electronic door locks to a video doorbell to your irrigation system.

Purchasing Your Devices

Having a plan in place means it’s time to start purchasing devices. One of the best tips and tricks for putting together a DIY home automation system is to select all your devices from the same provider. It’s true that you can put a system together piecemeal, but then you’ll be running into compatibility issues. You’ll also have to work with multiple vendors for maintenance, updates, and so on.

diy home automation devices

DIY Home Automation Devices

Purchasing from a single provider, like Uxari, eliminates most of those hassles. All our devices work together out-of-the-box, and we handle all upgrades and maintenance.

Setting up Your Devices

When it comes time to set up your devices, the two most important tips we can offer are: take your time and follow the included instructions.

We know, the excitement of having your own DIY home automation system may prompt you to jump right in to set-up and installation without taking the time to get familiar with your devices. You’ll find installation a lot easier if you slow down, familiarize yourself with everything, and read the instructions.

Another good tip is to start with the easiest devices first. This will help you familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of home automation before you tackle more complex devices.

As always, our support department is on hand to help you should you run into any problems. The final tip we offer is to make use of our support. We pay our support staff to help you, so don’t be afraid to put them to work. Support staff are always happy to answer your questions and walk you through installation problems.

So, there you have it: our tips and tricks for putting together a DIY home automation system. Now go get busy.